Vyapo is a business network centric B2B and B2C platform, designed specifically for small, medium and large businesses in India. It connects Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers and Retail Customers in India on to a single platform by providing B2B and B2C features, Vyapo brings to them the power of technology to scale their business. To get started with Vyapo, you must need to visit Vyapo’s website or you can download Vyapo App, and register your business. Once register, you will have access to all the functions like trades from all over India.

You can download an App by visiting https://vyapo.com/home on your mobile.

For B2C : 

It is very easy, you can register with your valid personnel information like mobile number and email id. Oh! The account is yours.

For B2B :

The only requirement to register with Vyapo is that you should have a own shop or firm according to your user role like Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor or Retailer & some personnel information. Oh! The online shop is ready.


You can buy / sell / trade on Vyapo using Vyapo website or Vyapo App. If you are a new buyer you can discover selection in following ways:


1. Go to ‘Search’ tab search for your product or categories requirements. Don’t worry, we have tried out best to create a set of pre-defined searchs that can quickly get your requirement available on Vyapo.

2. In the same tab, you can search for Sellers also (like Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers).

After getting products you need to add this products to cart and then click on ‘Buy Now’.

For B2C : YES ! You can buy single product.

For B2B : NO ! AS a Seller you need to select the quantity of available variants or sets of the product.

MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity. MOQ is set by sellers and can be different for different products / listings. A buyer needs to purchase at least the mentioned MOQ to continue the trade. Please chat or contact with seller to understand if he is willing to allow the trade at a lower MOQ.

You can pay by three different ways:

1. Direct Bank Transfer : You can directly transfer the amount to given account number which been available  to your order.

2. COD (Cash on Delivery) : You can pay by cash once the order is delivered to you.

3. Credit Card / Debit Card : You can pay by using credit card / debit card with our secure payment gateway.

As a buyer, you don’t worry about arranging courier or any 3rd party couriers to pickup and deliver your order. Vyapo’s logistics partner arranges for the order to be picked up.

As a buyer, you are liable to pay for the courier services.

Courier charges are required to be paid along with the payment for the order to the Seller. you can check the shipping / logistics charges on the order page.

It depends on where the Seller is shipping from and what is the buyer’s location. Usually, it takes 7-10 business days.

You can see all your orders in ‘My Order’ tab

You can track the status of your order, when Seller provides / shares the tracking ID to your email.